Is this a Canadian company ?

Yes, we are Canadian owned and operated. 100% Canadian!

Where are your servers located ?

Our hosting servers are located inside Canada. Our corporate servers are located worldwide to ensure redundancy.

Where are you located?

Our headquarter is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our staff are all over Canada.


How fast do you setup a domain ?

Due to high volume of fraud, we carefully review and verify each single order we receive. Due our verification process, setup time may be delay. But don't worry we go review orders 24/7 to ensure you are up and running in no time! Orders can be activated as fast as 15 minutes.

Should I expect a call regarding my order ?

From time to time we may call and verify an order to ensure it isn't fraud. Other than that all our communication to you are done via email.

Do you provide refunds if I don't like my domain name ?

Unfortunately no refunds will be given once a domain is registered under your name. So please choose your domain carefully ensure no spelling mistakes. Email hosting may be eligble to receive a pro-rated credit to the account up to the manager's discretion

What kind of payment do you accept ?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Who can I contact regarding a mistake I made to a order I just placed ?

The most efficient method is to submit a ticket via our Zen Panel.


I don't want my personal information to show up on my Whois record, Can I submit fake info ?

Although you technically could do that we don't encourage it. If you want to hide your Whois information, we provide Whois Protection free of charge to all our domain orders.

How do I register a domain ?

Just go through the search located on our page and the rest is self explainatory.

Is there a difference between a business registration and a individual registration ?

No, there isn't. However if you are registering on behalf of a business then you may want to use your business details in the Whois records to show the legitimacy of your business.

My domain is with another company, how do I transfer a domain to you?

In order to transfer to domain over you must first Unlock the domain. Once unlocked make sure your Registrant email on the Whois record is up to date so that we could send you verification email regarding the transfer. Finally ask your current registrar to provide you with the EPP code. The EPP code is the authorization code which gives us the permission to transfer the domain over to us. Once you have the EPP code all you have to do is place an Transfer order on our website and then wait for the verification email to arrive to your registrant email box.

How do I upload files to my website?

Please check out this article on how to get your website setup.


How many email accounts do I get with my complimentary email with my domain ?

Our complimentary email provides you with 1 email account with 100MB of space free of charge.

Is there a limit on the email accounts ?

Due to the severity nature of Spamming, we limit free account to 20 outgoing email per hour per domain. While paid email hosting have a limit of 200 outgoing email per hour per domain. If you are a paid customer and need to have the limit increased, please send us a ticket. There is no limit on incoming emails.

What happens if your email hosting go down ?

Not to worry! Our mails servers are equipped with store and forward (or email bagging) technology. What that means to you is in case our mail server is offline for whatever reason, your mails will be stored in our backup mail servers and will be re-delivered to you once the mail server is back online. With it no emails will be loss.

My email box is filled with spam, what can I do ?

We understand SPAM is ridicuously annoying and it makes working through your legitimate emails impossible. With that in mind, we have introduced Advanced Spam Protection (ASP) to our email hosting. ASP can be added onto your domain so you don't have to pay per account like other providers.